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October 22, 2009



Lain - I don't see where I click to be able to purchase this adorable kit. Am I missing something?

Katherine McKamey

Money has been sent! : )

Jennifer McGuire

Sent you an email, but I just wrote you a check and will put it in the mail tomorrow morning. Love the kit and all the Scenic Route stuff. I will totally miss them!

Jennifer McGuire

BTW -- Love the kit staging with the leaves and the pumpkin. Nice!

Ami Collofello

Gorgeous kit Lain! Now if only I had any sort of talent for paper scrapping... :D

Kathy F

Lain- Can I send the money on Thursday? I have been helping with a retreat this weekend and just saw this! :) Love the kit! :) You have a definite KNACK for picking stuff I like! :)

Kim J.

Do you have any kits left. I would love one if you do!


Why yes, I do! :)

You can Paypal me and Ill get
it right out to you.




Lain Ehmann

CEO, Ella Publishing Co.

[email protected]


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