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September 21, 2009



Oh my gosh- Gunne Sax and Esprit...cracking me up ;.)

Thanks for the tips!

Michelle Moore

Good tips. I just did a HUGE purge of my scrap stuff, and now I know what I have, and I like it all

Nancy M {thenancyrd}

Great article at Simple Scrapper... which of course lead me to more blogs/articles to read! Sorry I have no tips to give...

Jennifer McGuire

Great list of tips. And you took me back to the 80's with the Gunne Sax and Esprit!

Anyhow, I really need to do the purge. I started the other day. I think that will help immensely.

Simply setting the timer or being mindful of the clock really helps me. It shouldn't take more than 30-40 minutes for one page.

I have go-to layout designs that I use. One of yours is my absolute favorite. It's 3 vertical 4 x 6 photos across the middle. Sometimes I put the focal point photo on the right side, mat it, and tilt it in toward the center of the page for emphasis -- just like you did way back when...

Here's one of my lifts from the February LOAD!

Miss Niki

I copy scrapbook layouts that inspired me and paste them into a Word Doc then print them. I then make a note beside the layout as to what it was I liked...title, embellishment, layout design, paper, etc. and what photos I plan to use with it. This speeds up the process a lot! I am currently making folders of the layouts I plan to do in October for LOAD! I absolutely can not wait!!


Thanks for these.... as someone who pretty much can only scrapbook on binges, I need all of the timesaving advice I can get!

Hey Gunne Sax and Esprit are cool again...the 80's are back, didn't you hear? LOL

Your third point about using what you love hit especially home for me. I am in the middle of doing a massive purge of my stash for exactly that reason. I think wading through all of the stuff that "I might use someday" is slowing down my scrapping. I've vowed to only keep the stuff I truly love.

It's amazing how much stuff I've held on to because it's alright, or I just kind of like it, or I can imagine adapting it to use someday. All of that is going. I'm going to be left with my version of scrapbook heaven, where every single item I touch gets that "I ADORE that" gasp of excitement.


Stay off Facebook and scrapbook boards. Fun! Yes! But you end up spending too much time there and it could be put to better use scrapping!


My biggest tip is to use kits!


Kits are my lifesaver. I took a class that helped show how to put together kits. now I take a few pieces of patterned paper, coordinating cardstock, and flat embellishments in a file folder. I'll add photos later. It makes packing for a crop VERY easy! I'm setting up a large file box for my LOAD pages.

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