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April 30, 2009


Jennifer Larson

I just saw it at my local Archiver's. Heck, I'll have a copy, whether I win or not. I look forward to laughing!


Thanks for the link. Nice review too!

Ann Grounds

Great review. I took mine with me to read on the 3 1/2 hour drive to the campground at the ocean. I had to share a few of the stories with my hubby who lol to them (esp the sports one).

Are you going to join the Simple Party?


I just mentioned your book on my blog. I liked the name for obvious reasons, and enjoyed reading it.


Very nice review!!


Congrats on the review! :)

And...I just gave you some kind of bloggy friendship award thingy - look here:



love the book!!

Sharon Fletcher

Lain - was just at Angie's blog and wanted to let you know what a fantastic person you are for supporting Angie in her run this Saturday.

Sharon F.


Would love to get my hands on that! :o)


Hope things are going well...miss my daily reads :)

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