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April 22, 2009



I have a bad habit of buying sets of paper when I only really like 1 or 2 of the patterns...

Ami Pilon

Oh my, I have so many vintage items and find that I am a very graphic scrapper. I love looking at vintage collage type work but have yet to do any myself.

Tanya K.

When I first started scrapping, I used to buy 'the slabs' full of random paper that I really didn't like all that much just because it was so cheap. Eventually I ended up giving almost all of it to my kids for their crafts. I don't make that mistake anymore, and only buy multipacks of paper if I like more than half of what's in there.


Asking for scrapbook papers for b-day, Christmas without being specific about what I wanted. I've recieved some items I would never have bought {just not my taste} that my family/friends lovingly and with best wishes for me picked out. I've learned to be very specific!


Love your list, Lain! What a cool idea, to turn fashion advice to scrappin' advice. You rock. :)

Melissa LaFavers

Awesome suggestions. I like how you related that article to scrapping. The biggest scrapping faux pas I've made, as far as I can remember, was a tool that simply didn't turn out as useful as I expected it to be. I'm hoping to give it to someone who can use it or sell it at an upcoming garage sale.


tammy b

hmmm....makes sense to me! my biggest problem is just buying something (paper, book, embellishment, etc) because i really, really, really liked it but had no actual need for the item at the moment. mostly, if i'm honest, there haven't been a lot of moments.

Ann Grounds

You are soooo creative, always thinking outside the box!! My scrapbooking faux pas is albums...I have several CM albums that I am not using that are taking up space in my shelving unit--I switched to 3 ring and LOVE them so much more. Not only do I have the CM albums, I picked up a half dozen American Crafts 8x8's at Big Lots for 4.00 a piece. I just can't help myself.


My problem? I really like to buy flowers. I use *very* few of them, but boy, I have quite a collection.
I'm working really hard to simplify (and come to terms with the difference between what I like/think is cool and what I actually will use)...but it's a process.
Great post!

Dawn Berreth

I used to buy whatever was on sale. Now I have been more selective, even simplifying and minimizing my storage (on purpose) in order to have less on hand. I get overwhelmed digging through so many containers of this that and the other that now I give away what I don't use or organize in such a way that I can easily find what I need. It also helps for those times when I run out of something: I can see that I am out easily and pick it up on my next run to the store.

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