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April 02, 2009



You just might be sorry you asked! Hahahaha. Please keep in mind I'm still trying to learn how to find my pictures on my new Mac. Forget EDITING! ;) Here you go...

Holly A. Moss

That is such an awesome photo! You all look so happy! I have still to learn how to use the photobooth feature on my MacBook . . the apple geniuses showed me once, last year, but I forgot. :(

:) HollyM


I love your photobooth picture... I have a bunch of embarrassing ones taken on my iMac, but thankfully, they're stored far, far away from all my other digital photos.

So thanks for the tag. I did it before with a 6th of 6th tag, but this 7x7 one brought up a much better result. Scroll to the bottom of my post to see it:

(but read the stuff in the middle of the post too because... well, you might be interested in what I said...)

Laura T.

Great picture - thanks for playing!


Done! It's a food photo, who would have guessed ;) I'm worried I'm starting to have more pictures of food than people in iphoto.



Ann Grounds

Cute picture Lain!!!

sesil in chicago

love the picture! fun little game. :

Angie Lucas

Cute photo!

Jennifer McGuire

Finally catching up on blogs this week since we've been on spring break. Here's my post. Sorry I'm so late! Thanks for tagging me!

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