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March 30, 2009



The kit is done good! :)


Love it! But how do we order? I definitely want one!


I want one too, how do I order?


I would like one. How do I order?


Phew! I did it... you have no idea what I had to go through to send you $$$.... I had to update every last thing on my PayPal account.... since we moved I hadn't used it! Woops. they even made me call them to verify I wasn't a crook. (that's ok.) Can't wait to get my stuff!


How fun is this! Off to check my bank account! ;)

Felis G

You did a great job on this kit. I hope I get one, just too cute!! The mini album is adorable.


Love your kit layouts great too!

Beth Vondran

Absolutely love it!
It will be perfect for school related things (school colors!!!) and other projects.
I love what I can see in the pics.
Can't wait to get one, or two!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to put together kits.
Another person's "eye" is always good at matching things up.

Way to go!


These are adorable projects, Lain. I love the kits you put together. You rock! And it sounds like lots of other people think so too... good luck selling them! :)

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