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March 05, 2009



I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one who can travel travel to crops without taking everything but the kitchen sink. I just spent the weekend at "Scrap Camp" in North Carolina, and I, indeed, took EVERYTHING I had (which isn't much anymore since I lost almost all of my scrapbooking supplies and tools to a house fire in November!). I still loaded the car down, though.

I would love some new stuff!


LOVE those papers... something I would never think to use on my own. Thanks for the tips, I will definitely be able to use them as I visit my sister frequently (4 hour drive) and she is a scrapbooker too!


I always thought if I were to scrapbook on the road/vacation we'd need the super=size U-Haul truck. But your ideas and tips just might work for persnickety old me.
P.S. Missin LOAD 2009. Thanks for a fun and creative month!


Great tips for being a mobile scrapbooker. After all, isn't part of the fun of the hobby is being able to do it any place! Thanks!

Jessica G

Thanks for all the tips. I'm traveling next week and have an hour and a half lay over (both ways). And of course, I don't want to read, I want to scrap! Thanks for the ideas! :)


I need to see the chapter in your next book about the 30 minutes that passed once you realized you had no cardstock. I'd pay $9.99 for that chapter alone! You without cardstock....ha! Like your life isn't hard enough already...

Your suggestion brings another one to mind - how about taking only cardstock and embellishments sorted out by color! It kind of forces us to see what color combos appeal to us outside of the beautiful color palettes suggested by the designers. It might be kind of "freeing".

P.S. missing LOAD, too, but getting my fix w/LOAW until LOAD comes 'round again.

Kristin R

great tips Lain thanks! I'm heading to visit family in Australia for three weeks this Saturday so this post has come at the peferct time as I'm packing my scrapping supplies tonight. I'm also missing LOAD and have actually continued to scrap everyday since.

Katherine McKamey

I'm so 'packing a kit' challenged! I end up putting so many things in the plastic kit bag that it rips and then I have tons of product all over the floor while I'm grabbing up other bags of buttons, rubons, ribbon, cardstock, etc. See? Even thinking about it turns into an 'even the kitchen sink' sort of thought! LOL!

Love these posts, though - definitely learning some new things!

Missin' LOAD but lovin' LOAW while waitin'
: )


I LOVE you, Lain! You totally know how to take a subject and make it so fun to read about--plus you're good at good writing that also sounds like you! As a writer you are my hero. =)

Thank you for these tips. I'll be spending 4-5 weeks traveling to K.C. from May to June and I'll be trying the traveling scrapbooker experience for the first time. I'm very excited and grateful for the tips!

Can't wait to see your pages!


No cardstock?! Wouldn't have phased me for a minute ... I'd have been right down to the hotel desk finding out where the nearest Michaels or JoAnns was. Taxi?!

Good ideas, Lain, as usual. I am also not into the matchy-matchy in most kits. So one of the things I do is to make my own kits.

It's not hard - stick to the same tones - bright, neutral, jewel, or pastel and then

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