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February 21, 2009



Lexington is a really nice town. Did you have time to walk through the center a little? Your kids will be in the same sports league as I was in High School. I know Belmont (where I'm from) is big on Little League, so I assume Lexington is the same. We're also a big soccer town. Good luck with the house search!

Holly A. Moss

Well, the realtors tell you those things as an EXCUSE/CYA - just in case your house doesn't sell quickly and on the other end - so that they seem like they are doing their job (and some of them actually DO their jobs & do them well), & they can show the priciest houses & tell you that you better jump on this one FAST before someone else comes by and bids on it first ...

I used to do some real estate stuff for the lawyer I worked for when I was a paralegal. In my former life. :-)

I'm glad you found a house that you like - hopefully, you can make an offer (less than the asking price or for the asking price, but get them to pay all or most of your closing costs with some extras, or something ... ?).


Ugh! I'm stressed out just reading buying, selling, it all terrifies me. Good luck, my friend!


You're moving? To Lexington? As in Lexington, Kentucky? What? I've obviously been gone too long and have missed all the cool things going on in your life. Drat.

Katie Scott

Yay for you in your new house! I grew up in South Dartmouth (near New Bedford) and I went to Boston College for a minute. My family has mostly moved to Florida so I don't get up there much anymore. I know its probably a huge change from California but New England is so beautiful & full of history - I think its a good place for kids to grow up.

Kent Pearson

Hi Lain. I must first apologize for being away so long. Over the last couple of months I have stepped back a couple of steps from blogging. I have thought of you often. I went back and read all your posts going back to the last time I had visited your site. It was quite an interesting and informative experience. I could actually feel a transition taking place.

There have been so much that has occurred. We are reacting and adjusting to the aftermath of an event that also affected you, therefore reading your words expressing your feeings were particularily meaningful.

I think that you will like Boston. It's unique in many ways, and very different from California. Our oldest son went to college there. It'll be great.

When one door closes, another one swings open. Enjoy your new home.


Jennifer McGuire

I hope you find something that will be your new home! House hunting is really hard when you know the area. I can't imagine looking in a city that I don't yet live in. Best of luck on the house hunt!


We just went through all of this... it pains me to have a friend have to do it now. Will your company buy your house in CA? (ours didn't) I had to keep telling myself that the right thing will happen... if it's SUPPOSED to be a certain way, it will happen.
As for asking all the people at the library and the HS, GOOD FOR YOU! It may feel like you've talked to everyone in town but at least they will all be impressed by your go-get-em approach to relocation. You gotta do it! Be an advocate for your family, no one else will! That's why I started to get involved in Sam's school almost immediately after our move. Had I waited until we were thoroughly unpacked, I'd have no one to ask for dry cleaners and preschool referrals! :)
Good luck! I'm thinking of you!


Great photo of your DH! And you guys are so clever to ask people about schools and sports! I hope the house works out. What kind of scrap space does it have???? Got to get your priorities right!


Hey Lain - Welcome to Massachusetts! I remember when I took load last year your husband was out this way for work. I am in Dedham, just a few miles down the highway. I used to work in Lexington way back in the day - beautiful place.

You may want to ask about the % of kids in private schools.....

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