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February 24, 2009



Love your tips... I could use these pointers when packing for a crop. I hate bringing too much and feeling overwhelmed. I usually just go to make cards and to scrap other people's photos using THEIR supplies. I'm notorious for that! lol


I hope the house hunting is going well. I can't believe you wrote about Duck Tape - it's my all time favorite, and I blogged exactly the same thing some time ago - rolls on smooth over all types of surfaces and never gunks up. And, yes! I got a 4-pack when I called about one runner that didn't work properly. Love, love, love Henkle!

Lee - you can get it at JoAnn's too. I think it's $14.99 for a 4-pack, and you can use the 40% coupon. It's a real deal - I can't say enough about the company and the product.

Jennifer McGuire

Great tips!

I hope you are doing well. You are under lots of stress, so I've been thinking about you and trying to send you good vibes!

Katie Scott

Hey Lain - I always scrap my cruise vacations while I'm on vacation - especially since you can get photos printed on the ship. On planes, I have been successful even after 9/11 in bringing on paper trimmers, but I'm not sure it would work every time, so I guess just be prepared to potenatially lose it but I showed the tiny little fiskars blade thingee to a security person & they said it was fine.


I also had success bringing my paper trimmer as a carry-on. The problem I had was my crop-o-dile. Those poor guys at security had never seen one. I guess when I told them it punched paper, fabric, and even metal they stopped to think. Going through security both directions they stopped me and took it out and looked at it. They twisted it this way and that and eventually let me take it through. It was way too funny. (Actually when I had less than a 1/2 hour to get to my flight and they stopped me it wasn't so funny, but in hindsight it is:)

My friend and I actually met in Reno to work on the Christmas ATC spinner that Ali Edwards showed on her blog the year before. We brought most of our supplies, but had checked out the addresses for local scrapbook stores and were able to find some cute things there. We also headed to Wally World to pick up scissors since they are pretty much a no-no. We hardly left our room, except to eat and our two shopping excursions. It was a great trip and we came home with nearly finished projects.


Love your travel tips!
When we went to HK recently for 3 weeks I packed my Cropper Hopper - DH rolled his eyes when he saw it!
I also just took Christmas pics with me, and Christmas kits - too easy!


As long as your blade is under 4 inches (that is the blade NOT the entire pair of scissors), you can officially take it on the airplane. If you don't believe me, go to the FAA website. I brought some of Bumble Bee scissors on the plane accidentally. They were in my purse. I decided to keep them there and not 'ask' the pilot to take me on a detour to the Mediterranean (or other similar vacation spot) instead of my original boring destination!

Ann Grounds

I scrap when I camp! I first started out by taking a P3 Paper Taker and the XL navigator and a rubbermaid bin full of lighting, fans, a shelf for stacking my stuff until I learned to "be prepared". I now only bring the essentials and bring my stuff (photos, cardstock, paper and embellishments) in ONE of the plastic 12x12 "pizza boxes".

Glad that you are able to keep up with LOAD even when things have not gone as planned.

Amy Castellano

Love the tips!! and so glad I'm not the only one...I couldn't bear to let the movers pack up my favorite things so I ended up hauling a lot of it with us on our and out of about 6 different hotels...good thing I have a teenage boy..LOL


I love your tips.
Will use some of the tips when we head off to swim champs in a couple weeks. Nothing like being in a motel for several hours with nothing to do and wishing I could crop. Last year we were snowed in for one full day with no competition - thank God I had taken some card kits to work on so I made good use of the time.
I hope your house hunt is going well. Be safe and have fun.

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