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February 24, 2009



Great to know Lain that others scrap on vaction too. I am about to head to Australia for 3 weeks and just can't imagine not scrapping for that long. So am planning on a little tool box to go with me. Even have some plans for the 20+ hours i will be spending on a plane (but that will have to be without my trimmer etc. so just plain old adhesive, cardstock, a mini album and phots (and a bit of planning) or maybe just some cards.
Having a blast with LOAD and looking forward to the next installment of scrapping on the road!


Whohoo! You're an inspiration to us all! I do a little scrappin' on the road every now and again, too. Scrapping in a moving vehicle is HIGHLY overrated, though. It'd be fine, if hubby could drive more like me, instead of jerking all over the road. ;)


Hi Lain! Nice to see you on Twitter! May I provide a shameless plug for one of our books - Scrapbooks on the Go.... :-D


hope you are having success in your travels! ;) when you are back in town, let me know! and yes, i do need a vacation from the packing lunches for ungrateful children who wrinkle up their noses at everything you put in their lunch box! maybe i can join you on your next road trip! lol!


I love this series! Thanks for blogging from the road. I hope the house hunting is going well and that your new home has everything you a scrap room!

PS I'm trying really hard to be sad for you because you have to leave CA, but I'm secretly happy for ME because you'll be so much closer. How bad of a friend does that make me?

Katherine McKamey

Thanks for sharing what you travel with - I always pack way too much and end up with DH being upset about my using his suitcase for my clothes! LOL! Where do you find the Duck 4 packs? Our WalMart used to carry them (I would buy them out) but now not one store within 50 miles carries them. I love that stuff! Sniff..

Lovin' LOAD! Only 4 more days & I won't know what to do during these crafty moments! : )

Holly A. Moss

Ah, it's so good to know I am not the only one who does this! However, thanks for sharing your travel tips - I always pack way too much & end up forgetting something essential (usually adhesive!). Can't wait to see your tips on products & embellishments. :-)


Oh, how perfect. We're about to head off to Florida and I keep waffling on what to bring and even if I should bother. Mom scraps, too, so I can always borrow what I forget or just don't have. It would be fun to crop with her late one night when the kids are asleep! ;)


"Vacations are breaks from things you DON'T enjoy,"
I never thought of it like that. I guess for us vacations mean been seriously busy. Going, seeing, doing then collapsing into bed. No time for catching up on books or movies. I don't know when I'd ever squeeze it in, because I barely do the teeth brushing ;)


I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with your ability to continue with the LOAD challenge. Very inspirational! I do hope your house hunt proved fruitful and the whole move is smooth for you and your family :)

I to want to know about the duck adhesive. I've never seen it before - could be 'cuz I'm in Canada - but I'm always up to try something, once, anyway.

See you on Flickr!

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