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January 19, 2009



Big breath - I'm in!!! I was so worried this wouldn't happen; loved the post title!


Thinking about it - it really sounds interesting! My question is, can digiscrappers participate?

Laura T.

So excited about this - I loved when you did LOAD for BPS. I'll be away for a few days in February, but plan on participating on the days I'm home.


I'm totally in! How do we pay you?


I'm so glad LOAD will go on! And I must be psychic or something, because I just joined Flickr on the weekend. Perfect!

(Were you serious about the yarn? Because I live almost beside the Briggs and Little Outlet store. Ok, I'll send a cheque, but holla if you need anything!)


Thank you, thank you, thank You! I am so in :)

sue Treiber

OMG if Paris HIlton emails you I will pee my pants!


I did a quick search for a ScrapHappy group on Flickr and found Scrap Socks instead.
Thought this was so funny since Lain knits socks :)

Jessica C

Oh, Good! This was one of the (MANY) things I was going to miss about Simple. Thanks for making the effort to do this on your own. Love ya, Lain!

Holly A. Moss

Oh, I do so love a challenge ... Count me in. :-)

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