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July 21, 2008



I'd love to win some card stock! My favorite color of cardstock to use is a hard one to answer. I use a lot of light pink, bright pink, and lavender for pages of my daughter. I use a lot of black, bright red, and bright blue when scrapbooking about my son. I use a lot of brown, though, too. Too much information? Well, if I have to pick one color, I'd go with brown!


Glad you let go of your perfectionist tendencies and finished and posted the podcast. Great to hear updates from you! Serendipity sounds like a great kit source with a lot of options.

Looking forward to your Projects Now workshop at BPS and I can wait until 2009 for your 30-minute class. In the world I work in (online student loan software) sometimes putting something off until the right time is what you need to do, so I completely understand!

Thanks for the update on your book. It will be so cool when it's published!


Thanks so much for posting the podcast. I've been missing listening to you!!!! :)

My favorite color of cardstock constantly changes. But one of my favs is lime green. Always seems to brighten any card or page, and surprisingly, a lot of colors go with it! :)


The color you will find most often in my layouts is blue. But the color that gives me the most joy to use? Black. Go figure. The most "depressing" color is the one that I get the biggest kick out of using. :)

By the way, what did you decide to do at CHA to promote your upcoming book? Do tell!


SS sounds like a great kit, I will have to check it out. I love kits, its like the coordination is done for you already.

Cardstock is like breathing, you can't scrap without it. Bazzill has sooo many great colors. I love basic black. I am sometimes not a fan of the textures especially when I want to hand journal.
Great podcast!


Hey dude! Gonna check out the podcast now...I can't wait! It was great to meet you - glad you made it home safely! What a weekend, huh?! :) I've already started telling people about new book - I can't wait! :)


Ok, I can't find where to edit my post...and I *can't* leave that typo. LOL!
*I've already started telling people about YOUR new book - I can't wait! :)

Andrea F.

I'm glad! I'll listen later tonight because I have to do a serious clean-up in my office. My scrapping friend is coming to visit!


Loved the podcast, as I always do. Lately my favorite colors of cardstock have been black and white. I think it must be the fact that it's summertime and I enjoy having the opportunity to scrap bright, bold colors on the black and white so they stand out better.

I also checked out WorldWin's site and it looks like they've got some great paper choices. I, too, love bazzil but get tired of the texture sometimes.


I'm so glad you posted! And I wish I had an iPod so I could listen while the kids are in swimming lessons tomorrow. I'll listen soon!

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