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July 18, 2008


Amy Ulen

Thanks for the post, Lain! I've been following the CHA news all day. I love your photos and can't wait to hear more on the podcast!

sue Treiber

Is Heidi pregnant? SHe was preggo at the last 2 CHA's!
Enjoy a slice for me :)


1. Tell Heidi Grace that I love her rubons.

2. Where's your fabulous annual picture of the light fixture in the ballroom? Gosh, Lain, you're such a slacker! :)

3. Once again, I SOOO wish I were there. I love scrapbooking goodies (especially new ones!) and I really love Chicago. Pizza. Yum.

Can't wait to hear more!


Looks like you are all having a blast! So good to see a couple of familiar faces! Tell them all I said hi! I wish I could be there too =)


I so totally wish I was there! I am having trade show withdrawal. You have to at least send me pics of all the glittery skulls and such.



I really wish I could be with you. Esp., that due to circumstances I can not disclose right now, I will most likely (actually, it is pretty certain, but I refuse to give up hope completely yet) NOT be able to come to Anaheim in January! Bummer!
Have fun at CHA. Did they open up a Starbucks for you since last year?


Things are well here unless you count the fact that I am absolutely, positively, most definitely, without a doubt, ENVIOUS of you being at CHA!! Sounds like you're having a grand time...wish I were there...*sigh*


Looks like you are having a ball! So what kind of promotion did you decide to do for the book?! And, when are you coming to DC?!

susan c

Thanks for the pics! Glad you gals are having a wonderful time and cannot wait to get all the news on your blogs when you return!


I know you are having fun, but deep down inside there's a part of you that's lonely and lost without your "assistant".

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