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June 04, 2008



Now THAT is an awesome teacher gift. So much of what they get is so kitchy. How many pencil holders can one person use? This is meaningful and I'm sure she'll treasure it.

School's done here on the 20th. I guess I'd better think of something quick!

And the onsie. Adorable. Everyone seems to be on baby watch these days, but could it be for your roomie Liz? I'm watching her blog for baby photos...


Oh, how I would LOVE to get a teacher gift like that!!! WOW!

BTW, I made the boys' MDO teachers gratitude journals. It took me 6 months, but I finally got around to doing one of your countdown to Christmas projects. Hee, hee. And I did FOUR of them! (Just to clarify--the journals didn't take me 6 months; it just took me that long to do one of your countdown projects.)


What a amazing teacher's gift. She will absolutely love it. The onsie is adorable.

sue Treiber

now that is a well planned in advance thoughtful teacher's gift! She will adore it!


How fun is that blanket?? What a lucky teacher! And the onsie - so cute!



Both great gifts! We always make our teachers gifts.


THere you are! We missed ya! ;0) How cool that 4th graders are so MUCH more talented(and patient) at knitting than I could ever be! What a awesome gift for a teacher!


Im thinking the scooter license is a must have. You might be riding some scooters on yours and Stephanies world tour!


I love the afghan. Sometimes I really wish I would knit, too. But that would be one more craft I hardly have the time for... My mom knit an afghan for Clara when she was a baby. I'll have to take a photo of it so I can show you.


Wow, this is such a great idea! I might have to steal it - do you think I could teach kindergarteners how to knit??

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