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June 08, 2008


sue Treiber

since I don't have an iPhone I can only guess...
do you plug it into your computer to sync it? I think you can transfer the picture over that way. I know you can email it to yourself as well.

katie scott

art show * swimming * birthday party * fishing * kayaking * fiddler crab catching * knitting! * scrapbooking * long distance phone talking * napping in the hammock * dishes & laundry.

Jen G

hahaha I went to the Farmer's Market too! which one did you go to? I went to downtown Campbell and picked up a bunch of flowers, yummy fruits, some strnage and wonderful dipping sauces and salad with edible flowers (my 9 year old is so excited about that!)

Have a lovely Monday,


I have an iPhone, and it's pretty easy to get the photos off. All I do is open Photoshop and then plug in my phone, then I go to import photos and choose the 'get from mobile device' option. I have PSE 6, and this works for me. Another options is when I down load to my other computer - (the one with itunes on it) I get the photos off my phone then I zip them up, and email them to myself, and open the email on the system with PSE on it. This sounds a little round about, but both ways only take a few minutes. Sorry for the long post. I have to say though, love my iPhone.


Let's see......youngest daughter's 'UN'Birthday party on Friday, we are moving as soon as our house sells so it was important for her to have one last fling with her girlfriends to celebrate her birthday(which is in October). So 6, '13' year old girls in one place at one time....most of Saturday I just slept! lol

A little laundry, cleaning off my desk and taking my 15 year old son swim suit shopping. So much easier than girls, who have to try EVERYTHING on!

Andrea F.

We saw Indy too, definitely still looking good. Was a great movie, no disappointments. Went to the lake which my 2 yr old loved and is still talking about. Didn't do any scrapping til Sunday night and I got the itch. Making exciting progress in my new 4x6 6-slot pages so I can "catch up" on all our family photos & events of the past year. Can you believe this year is almost half over? Why is it going so fast?

Jamie ~ Alabama

Glad you had such a fun weekend.

Miss Niki

My girls and I spend a few hours at our LSS scrappin'! I got started on a mini album using one the of the Cosmo Cricket albums for my son's soccer season! FUN! Other than that...I recall Sunday was cool and windy so not good for outdoor activities...must have done laundry!

Miss Niki


We saw Indiana Tuesday night for hubbys birthday as well as a few hours at Disneyland and good food at the Blue Bayou (inside the Pirates ride). I also bought him the Nintendo Wii. Talk about a great way to get exercise.

I've also of course been knitting and spinning although I'm sure my house would appreciate some cleaning. :-)

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