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June 21, 2008



Cute picture! A friend's husband turned 40 a month ago & she had an 80s party. A lot of people dressed up & danced & had a blast. Happy that the era is over but fun to remember.


Not fair! In 1984 when I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child, I immediately cut all my hair off never to need scrunchies again. You have to realize I had four boys and the first was born in 1971. I had male teenage drivers for over 20 years!


you would scream if I scrapped an 80's picture! My 10 YO daughter saw a picture of a High School boyfriend hugging me (1983) and he ran track and had on these shorty shorts..she was like huh? It was yucky! :)

katie scott

Yay! You're back! I loved the 80s and I'm getting ready for my 20 year reunion next month - so this challenge is perfect for me. I'll do a page today & post it on my blog by tonight :)
(oh and just read the embarrassing part - I'll have to think on that - there are so many embarrassing moments to choose from :)


Great layouts...and memories!!! I'll have to look around for some photos from high school and do a layout!


crazy and fun! i love it!!

Katie Scott

Ok I know I had scrunchies (and still have a few btw) but I can't find a single picture with me in one. I did get inspired to do some pages about me in the 80s, I've got one posted & I'm working on a couple more. Thanks for the challenge.

sue Treiber

wow, I can practically smell the 'Love's Baby Soft' all the way over here! We would have been great friends in the 80's. :)


I still have scrunchies stored away somewhere. They're heirlooms! It will be a proud moment when I pass them down to my daughters. (snort)

As for embarrassing, when I started scrapbooking back in '98 I started with the very few high school photos I had. Paper Pizzaz and stickers galore. THAT is embarrassing. I never look at those pages, and I don't believe they are suitable for internet consumption. (shudder) Your page, OTOH, is very cute. :)

Jamie ~ Alabama

Great Page! Love the journaling.

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