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June 28, 2008


Cookie Sunshine

My feet are big...but not that big...and my husband's feet are a lot bigger. We are out of luck on this one. What a fun post!



I have a size 11 foot so if you wanna send them to me, I'll take them!


Yarn Thing

Is it me? I have a size 11 foot. Could it be??? Is it she???



It's me! I just figured you were super busy and hadn't gotten to it yet. Good memory girl! Looking forward to getting them! I'm impressed you still remembered! You've had one crazy summer so far. I still haven't yet to get started with knitting myself since I too have had a crazy summer and really think I need to just take a class. thanks so much, Jonel

Christine Jensen

Sadly, I have a size 11 foot...too bad I am not the Cinderella you are looking for!

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