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June 15, 2008



Oh my heck! #10 is ENORMOUS!!!


I don't know how to change the eyes, but I can totally fix the drinking straw. I've made bigger things than that disappear. Like ex-husbands, for instance.



That is one cute family. And I love the catcher shot! Glad you're having fun!

sue Treiber

Gol-diggety! That is great. I will try to pepper it into conversation. Of course, since I'm not from Tennessee I'm sure to get some strange looks :)
The straw is very easy to correct...super easy. The rest of it is what makes it a fun casual family picture and not posed!


I'm with Sue-no problem getting rid of the straw, but I like the rest of the picture the way it is. Ben looks like Shia LeBeouf(?).
I was born in Miami, so not to cast any aspersions, just remember they recruited their national college football team from the prison back in the day! I also live now in the high school football capitol of the world and we have kids in "junior high" who drive themselves to the games. Makes you wonder.


Hey girl. Love the daily updates. I've got some mad Photoshop Skillz (heh) so if you send me the photo (full size), I'll get rid of that straw for ya. And even though I love it when not everyone is looking at the camera, if you send one of Ben looking forward, I'll even try to fix the eyes. ;)


I'm glad you're having fun, and I love that pic of Ben playing catcher. Great action shot!

Kathy Travis

Great photos, and thanks for the updates. Someday my kiddo will be old enough to play in that league. I can wait.

You can always use a 40D...imagine how good they would look then! (not meant to be a criticism!)

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