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June 13, 2008



Glad to hear from you. Sounds like you are having a great time.

Miss you.


katie scott

hey lain are you still going to be in ft lauderdale for the convention thingee? i haven't made any plans yet but if you are still going to be there maybe i'll make some quickee plans to go. :)


Sounds like a great time. I love NY. Haven't been there since my honeymoon 17 years ago though! I'm teaching DS (he's 5) to play baseball via Wii as baseball is not really big here in Oz

sue Treiber

Sounds like a nice place! Go Monarchs!


You should check out the Brewery Ommegang while you're in Cooperstown. It's a great craft beer brewery with beautiful grounds and a nice little gift shop.


i agree with the girls - about an hour suits me perfectly at the Hall of Fame. so cool to see the scrapbooks though. my mom remembers when her dad and uncles would take a day off of work each summer in the 40s to go see the major leaguers play there. have a great time.


Yay! Glad the hotel is working out for you!! Enjoy your trip.

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