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May 08, 2008


Katie Scott

:) I'm really trying to work on getting rid of some of it :) really I am. My mom is going to start scrapbooking (I showed her how to organize her photos & she's done that) so as part of her mother's day present, I think I'm going to prepare a big box of stuff from my stash. Plus she's going to see my sister in Missouri soon (who is also just starting to scrapbook & doesn't have any supplies) so I think I'll send another box of stash out there. P.S. If it weren't for contests, I don't think I'd get any pages done - I like a deadline :)


Aw thanks.

Love your idea about doing the rub-on letters backwards. As a lefty I should have thought of that ages ago!! (I rub strips etc on from back to front.)


Love your page Lain!

Should I be scared because the *#$@%@* (whatever) part has a link? I recommend chocolate (for you, not the computer).

sue Treiber

ooh I hate when things disappear into the great unknown. Great page-I was too lazy this week but for sure will do this one.


yay for 30 min thursdays! I have been waiting for the next one now that i have the time to create. Will email you when i'm done. :) Hope you are having a better time with your *$%&!$%! cpu today! haha yes, it was me giggling ;0) Totally UNDERSTAND how you felt! ttys.


Geez. I've never heard you #@%@$% before. That computer must be some pain. :)



Hate when that happens. Great page! I bet I have an old vacation photo hanging around here - maybe I'll jump in on this one.

Jamie ~ Alabama

Your kids are too stinkin' cute! Love the journaling. So sweet!

So... Do I just need to creat a layout with those guidelines and post by next Thursday?

Sorry but I am new at this!! Thanks!


You knew I was the one laughing right?


Hi Lain! Here's my contribution to this week's 30 minute Thursday challenge. The journaling is hidden under the transparency at the top and the paperclip is holding on the flower. This is the infamouse Superman son in California!

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