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May 04, 2008


Sabrina B.

Way to Sew!!! Ha, get it... way to go/sew! I'm soooo funny, j/k. The dress is too cute. Oh, and way to go on the apron. Sewing is on my top 10 list of things to learn. I've dabbled in it with some scrap pages, but not with actual material and patterns.
Keep up the good work. I am soooo craving some creativity lately. In the meantime... living vicariously through blogs.


That is so cute on her!


SO CUTE. (The girl and the dress.) So you, um, SEWED on NSD?? That's okay, I didn't scrap even one little bit. I'm such a scrapbooking loser.

Wait--how is it a pillowcase dress if you didn't make it out of a pillowcase? I've seen those before, but they were made out of actual pillowcases. Well, anyhow, it's adorable!


I've made note of that site, as my girls love to twirl in beautiful dresses. Thanks Callie (and Lain).


OMG..she is toooo cute and the dress is adorable. I wish I had better sewing skills but my mom is an excellent seamstress. I guess I rely on her for any sewing needs. She also has an embroidery machine. We get lots of cool stuff right now!!

I actually completed 4 layouts yesterday. they are on my blog if you have time to check them out.

sue Treiber

too cute! I love little girls twirling in dresses. :)

tammy b

thanks for the info callie. it's always important to know if a dress twirls well or not!


So cute! Makes me wish my 10yr daughter was still small enought to make cute little things like that her.

Jessica C.

Look at you, you're a sewing diva! Sewing wearables (in my opinion) is the toughest thing you can do! And it turned out cute and twirly to boot! :)


so, so, so cute!!!

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