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May 01, 2008


I am so excited about your book!!

I totally know what you mean about "absorbing" ideas - I am the same way. Or at least, I like to think I am.



Oh, and hi right back at ya! ;)

debra barker

great excited about your book funny about youer LSS, don't they know who you are???? well, maybe you will be able to have a relaxing weeekend instead. Got my kit today, thanks...although I can't look at it because I have not made it home file server crashed, stayed in CA two more days to deal with that mess:(


I keep my 'ideas' in a little single-photo 4x6 album that I can take with me when shopping for supplies.

I'm all for a Scraphappy NSD event. Because I have no plans. I am a scrapbooking loser. Of course that might be because all my scrapping friends live in other states.

So excited about the interview with Donna Downey. I love her, read her blog every day and totally lust over her scrap room!!!

Great podcast once again. Love hearing the kids voices reading the questions. TOO cute. Love ya!!


I wish I had a video camera, I listened to the podcast at 1:00 a.m. with the headset on while trying to watch more scrapping stash crap to buy on QVC. Every time I turned my head to see what was on, I pulled the speaker off the scanner, the headset fell out, and my family starts hollering. Only did it 2x-I learn fast.
Great podcast-I really liked the part about starting with what you have. You can end up with so much stuff, you don't know where to begin, and you have no time because you're too busy trying to figure where to put it all. I really wish the only books I had ever read were the wondermous Cathy Z's.
University of Florida has a class on juggling but I don't know if you can take it online!


I really enjoyed you podcast. I love the first aunt scrappy question about getting mom out of her scrap room - it made me laugh which is something that I needed!

As for adhesives I've been using Tombow Permanent for a least 2 years after an extensive search of what's out there that were I've settled as being the best, fastest and relatively inexpensive to refill.

I am totally in for your National Scrapping...whatever it is. I work until 4 but then have some girls coming over to scrap the night away so we'll be tuning in.

I have posted a picture of what I use to house my inspiration collection. And yes Lain many of your LOAD pages are in there:

Looking forward to your book. At least Santa will know what I want this year!! :)


Trimmer suggestions? I'm listening right now!


Great news, congratulations! Can't wait for your book :)

Jessica C.

I had a sneaking suspicion you finally got a book. Congratulations!!

And I, too, was laughing out loud at the first part of Dear Aunt Scrappy. The new music combined with the first question was too funny!

Hope this weekend's a little easier for you. :)


Loved the podcast Lain! I loved your new format for Aunt Scrappy too: the music, the readers, the great questions! That Aunt Scrappy is so clever.

I'm so excited about the book deal. I love the concept for the book too. I'm not sure I need another idea book right now, a lighter look at this great hobby will be awesome. Sometimes I think we all take ourselves a little too seriously.

I'm home for NSD, doing my own thing. I thought I'd try out some of the online celebrations, maybe do some extra blogging, but I'm definitely up for any celebration/challenge you've got!

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