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May 23, 2008



Fun title style and I just love the cross stiches on the journal shape....great layout!


It took me to read to the "addicted to half priced books" before I realized I won! Yeah! My lucky week. I also won a gift card through our local library for walking 30 mins a day for the month of April. Several of those 30 min walks were done while listening to YOU Lain :)

Miss Niki

Hurrah! More inspiration for my latest album...Me @ 35! Red is my favorite color! I just finished a layout about Diet Coke. Miss Niki


ooh this is CUTE! journaling problems or not :) it's only been about ten thousand years since i have stopped by your lovely little blog! (FAR FAR too long!) i have LOTS to catch up on. But i am oh-so-happy to see that you will be at CKC in Ft. Lauderdale, so i can stalk you and say HELLO! now, i am off to read the past three months or so of your blog! YIKES!

Mary c

I love this layout. Totally cute and a great thing to scrap about.
I have been reading your blog every post but I read it on my iGoogle page and I am too lazy to click over and comment. I decided to NOT be lazy today.
Blessings, my friend!


Red's not an easy colour for me to use but I arose to the challenge! :) Here's what I came up with:


Thanks for the challenge Lain! Here is my creation.


Another one down:

Do you know how hard it is to find multiple reds that don't clash????

Hope you are well. I'm busy--TWO birthday parties this weekend!!



BTW, love your LO. HOW do you find time to read all those??


Red? Of all the colours, one of the ones I use the least. I don't have a lot of red papers! Sat down today to do this, but the pictures I thought I was going to use totally didn't work with the paper I had. Must rethink this :) I really want to do it because I love monochromatic pages ... off to search through old photos.

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