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April 16, 2008



Come to Poland! We have lots of cool stuff, but you'll have to bring your own chocolate chips;).


Oooh... how about Hilton Head, South Carolina? or Myrtle Beach? (MB is more likely to be filled with the spring break crowd though.) They both (each?) only three hours from my house.

Anyhoo, just another reason to miss the beloved West coast.


First of all, don't you know, you were born to come to Omaha, Nebrasaka? Yeah, me neither, hee hee. But come visit anyhow! Also, you need to check out Supposedly it is chock full of TV shows to download for free. Limited commercials, I've heard there are less than reg. TV but heck, for FREE it's ok with me!

sue Treiber

I am so jealous of your iphone! I wanted one for my birthday but I didn't get one :(
YOur kit is very cute!


I am reading the comments...maybe we need to get an airsteam, packs up the johns, the bens, the girls & jack, the chocolate chips and the tatoos and hit the road...
and I love the picture of us...but I swear we are wearing glasses with fake noses hooked to them!!!
love you and miss you too.....


HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows you can't do a cross country tour without coming to Texas. In fact, I'll even have the chocolate chip cookies WAITING...and I'm always good for a giggle or two, sailor.


Look out Lain! There will be a fight shortly over who gets to have you first!

Your fabric is beautiful! Beautiful fabric could be as addictive as PP, couldn't it? You could get the new Donna Downey book and use some of that right up :)

I've also heard of hulu. It won't allow us foreigners, but is supposedly great. We use some bit torrent software to watch Doctor Who (shhhh....I still haven't figured out if that's kosher or not).


Boise is where you need to come! Phone message, hmmm wonder what THAT is all about? I'd love to buy a class kit...can you bring it on the 27th? (one for maggie too)!

katie scott

i did one of those acrylic albums last weekend / love those.

Karen Firstbrook

I'm super curious about the ladybug . . . we had a major life experience where ladybugs were said to bring good luck . . . wondering if you are undergoing the same life experience?!

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