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April 08, 2008


Carla Prock

Ooh Ooh! I want the turquoise and red pin. Anything else in those colors? Let me know and I'll get two of something.


Sue Carter

you are so crafty! I love it all - especially the cupcake and pear.

Love your blog!



I want the yellow/black and red ring! Email me.

kara stephenson

hey girl!! i thought that when we met at CKC Portland, you said that you were going to be in Houston for NSD. which scrap store?? i am moving there in about 10 days, and wanted to find out.
thanks girl!! hope that you are doing well.


Those are too cute. Unfortunately, my girl is not a girly girl and won't wear barrettes anymore. Her Nanny stopped making her adorable barrettes too! She is such a picky little one at 3 years old. I have my hands full!!!! LOL

Dedra Long

Oh Girl...
Those are the cutest things ever!!!
Pure Yumminess....
Hope all is well...
Can't wait to see you next weekend!!!



Hi Lain,
I wanted to show you that I too am an equal opportunity crafter. Here is a link to my little and new blog that shows my basketweaving hobby (which I've had on hold lately).

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