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April 17, 2008


sue Treiber

you must have looked dangerous!


here we go again with the whole 'great minds think alike'..i'm having mexican tonight too!! LOL Have a great time! :)


Not happiness in a tube! They didn't take that. How dare they take your toothpaste.

I haven't traveled for work in a while, but I think some of this stuff is rediculous. I want to be safe, but what could you have done with a 1/4 of a tube of toothpaste?

Korie B.

I grew up right around the corner from Scrapbooks Etc. You'll be in heaven!!!

Enjoy the heat!


I bet the TSA agents NEVER have to buy toothpaste.


I had so much fun tonight, Lain! It was great meeting you and chatting (and eating and shopping, too). Hope the rest of your weekend is much fun. :)

Sarah Giles

I TOTALLY sympathise. We had some strawberry and pineapple jam (US: jelly)confiscated at Bangkok airport a few weeks ago. In a jar sealed with one of those plastic thingies. It was a present for my father-in-law, who likes strange conserves.

Believe me, my enraged husband was WAY more of a security risk than any jam could be. I had to use up a jumbo pack of M&Ms to placate him. Anyway, we contend that jam is a SOLID, not a liquid. That's the point, surely. It SETS. Duuuh!

*deep breaths*


Love your blog!

katie scott

that happened to me in key west - i was coming home & had a really small but expensive bottle of hand cream and they wanted to take it unless i put it in a zip lock bag. i went to the gift shop & they sold me a zip lock bag for $.25. but i couldn't help thinking that the bag was just to make sure the stuff was under a certain size and i just had one little bottle so it was just "following the rules" that i had to purchase a zip lock bag. i'm thinking by the end of this year with all of your traveling you could probably write a book called "scrapbooking on the road" with lots of tips and tricks.

katie scott

p.s. have you ever tried chicken mole? (its chicken w/ chocolate sauce)

Dedra Long

Oh Lain...I was just a Scrapbooks Etc. on Wednesday morning...great store....
You will LOVE it...
See ya Saturday night!!!

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