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April 03, 2008


Laura T.

I don't think I noted on my blog - but that was my first 30 minutes challenge --- loved the challenge. Not looking for a prize --- just wanted to thank you for running the challenges every week.

I hope to be able to complete the next challenge too ---

Have a great day!


Now you are DEFINITELY forgiven. :)


Congrats!! I hope it's okay that my layouts are all digi??

Cookie Sunshine

I like that photo. I also like your "just me" running up the side of the page. You did a nice job on this page.


Cookie Sunshine

Jeanette Brooks

Such a cute layout Lain, and I love that sweet photo of you & hubby! Just condition yourself to always take the pic from above... those "double chin" shots are killers!!! Learned that one the HARD WAY! :D


I LOVE the buttons in the middle of the stamped circles on your layout! SO cute!

Thanks for the prize!! I will email you my addy right away!

I love the new challenge. I have the push to scrap some of the many soccer photos that we have been amassing!


Hey Lain--
I LOVE your page!!

And, YAY, I am so excited that I'm one of your winners! My email address is: [email protected]

And I am ALL OVER the next challenge. We live and breathe sports in our family! :-)


Oh, boy, I'm such a dufus!!! (am i revealing my 80s self with that word?) I will email you my snail mail addy to you!


Great page Lain! I really like it. It just feels fun and free--like you :)

Congrats to all the winners and first timers! I did go look at all the pages, but as someone noted, those of us without Blogger accounts can't always comment. I saw so many greats though!

Cheryl--I'm so happy you said dufus! Definitely not a word that should disappear from the lexicon. Love it!

I did my page last night!


Finally, I've been able to do one of you fabulous challenges! :) I wanted to scrap Tom's soccer pics for ages! Thanks for the inspiration *gg*

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