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April 24, 2008



Great layouts! Hope you get to feeling better, soon! Rest, relax and drink lots of water (that last one doesn't sound as good as "eat lots of chocolate", but I wouldn't want you living in the bathroom for hours on end.) Take care and I'll send up a little prayer in your behalf.


Cute LOs! I especially like all the orange in the first one. :)

Glad you're feeling better!


Thank you, Lain! I'm very excited to have won!!! I'm glad you're feeling better!


They both look terrific. Feel better soon!!!


get better soon! love the lo's :) some day dangit, gonna get to this challenge!


Woo hoo! So much fun to be a winner. And now I need to get crackin' on this week's challenge.

Thanks, Lain!


My first one!

Thanks for the prompt, I liked this one very much.

Kristen S

Hope you are feeling much better! Fun's the link to my page ...the old stash item is the vellum tag of my favorites from around 2001..thanks for the challenge

Jessica C.

Hi Lain! So glad you're feeling better (in spite of your crazy, crazy weekend!)

Here's my 30 Minute Thursday for this week. First time I've my paper supplies in a WHILE. It was fun! Reminded me why I fell in love with all this craziness in the first place. :)

Thanks again!


Thank you once again for a good challenge. Here's what I came up with:

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