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April 21, 2008



I'm listening right now -- fun! Again, so excited to see your section opener and pictures of your closet. "Closet" scrappers must be proud!


Loved the chitty-chatty podcast. Warning -- I'm leaving a very random comment!

You have been a very busy woman! I'm not sure how you do all that you do and take care of your family and run and all that.

I'm totally enjoying making my acrylic album from the kit you sent me. Hope you've gotten the check I sent to you! (I owe you more for shipping -- I saw that it was a couple bucks more than what you charged me.) I could send you a brand new tube of Aquafresh to cover it!

Thanks for linking us to Paperclipping by Noell Hyman. Great resource.

Los Dos Molinos (the two meat-grinders) is awesome!!!

Box of Bazzill - Sounds awesome! Need to find an event to attend where they are doing that.

And thanks for starting up 30-minute Thursdays again. Having fun with that. I need to post my page!

Can't wait to see your fall section openers.

I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your "Give Piece a Chance" article in the current issue. I knew almost instantly that the clever title was yours. It was nice to see your name on layouts and articles throughout the issue! The article inspired me to make a mini album almost entirely of scraps! And, I bought a box like you have to organize my patterned paper scraps. I currently sort my cardstock scraps in an accordian file by color.

Anyway, great to hear your voice on your podcast! And you look so cute and skinny and tan in your pink and brown outfit above!


Your big announcement...could it be something spelled b-o-o-k? =)


i used to watch love boat & fantasy island too (fantasy island used to scare the lights out of us) - but first we'd watch the barbara mandrell show, good fun on saturday nights;


yes there are fossils of my family's scrapbooks since we used to scrapbook on stone tablets (ha ha ha). but seriously my dad & grandfather were into geneology & they have us back to the 1300s in scotland - and since they have both passed away, and since i'm the family historian - i have all of that stuff & need to put it in some kind of scrappy order. THANK YOU! i'm really looking forward to that book! you're the best!



scrapbooking on the road?

P.S. if you need some layouts for the book let me know!


You finally got that book deal!


are all the i's dotted and t's crossed for your book deal!?! good for you, can't wait, want details!



i want to listen right now, but there is a short person at my elbow whining about being hungry. the nerve! LOL!

i'll have something great to look forward to in the morning though! have a great monday night (i'll be out selling more GG cookies).


Good lord girl! Look how TAN you are. I'm so jealous. Like seriously, i am as white as your blog background...really. will be back later to check out the links and listen to the podcast. :)

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