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April 04, 2008



oooo congrats! the section openers - how cool!

your to do list sounds like more fun than mine - mine only includes cleaning and laundry and it needs to be done in 3 hours cause the in-laws are arriving! i guess I'd better hop to it!

HOlly T.

Busy girl...aren't ya?
Well, we share laundry on our lists. Working on that. I am taking an accounting class...and just got an exam released today which is due Monday. Joy.
Was hoping you had a new podcast so I could take it a walk I hope to squeeze into my day...but understand that you are very busy! :)
Need to do some weeding out of my scrap supplies as I am giving some away (now that I think of it..sorting through that would be a lot more funthan my accounting exam!). Should go work on that. :)

sue Treiber

I can't wait to see your section openers! I know they'll be stellar.
Let's see...add my laundry to the list as well.
I'm getting ready to head to Cincinnati for the weeekend for an outdoor soccer tournament. I know you wish you could trade!
I sketched out my LO for the challenge, and will do it when I get home! :)

Jamie ~ Alabama

Wow! You are one busy lady. I hope you have fun on all your travels.

I scrap in a closet too! After having 3 babies in 3 years, I got kicked out of my room. I call it my Scrap Closet and I love it in there. Looking forward to the day when I can have a room again but this works great for our family right now.

Jen McGuire

Wow. Reading that made me tired. I am so excited to see your section openers . That will be awesome.

I scrap in a closet too. Be proud of your closet! As far as I'm concerned, it will be nice to see a more realistic scrap space. I love seeing all the matchy-matchy big rooms that people have, but I think most of us normal people have closets and corners. It will be awesome to see that a famous, published scrapper is scrapping in a closet too!

On my to do list:
Lain's 30-minute challenge from 4/3/08
Grocery shopping
Sam's Club trip for diapers, wipes, etc.
Laundry (ugh -- it's never ending!)
Clean out closets, armoire and get stuff ready to donate to church rummage sale
Take some kids clothes to the resale shop
Spring Break activities with the kids -- Children's Museum, Indpls Zoo, Conner Prairie, see Horton Hears a Who, etc.
Software testing for work
Finish organizing scrapbook closet
Work on Photo Freedom photo sorting
Read Water for Elephants


Laundry is ALWAYS on my to-do list. And STILL organizing my scrap space, but I got some more fun new baskets and buckets from the $ spot. Maybe I'll actually be able to see the progress soon.

Section openers, huh? You've hit the BIG TIME now, girl! Now I can show all my scrappy friends and tell them that I knew you when...oh, wait, I don't have any scrappy friends IRL. Oh, well. Do I get an autographed copy? Hee, hee.


Wow, what a list! I wish I could come on the cruise with you. Maybe one day, when I am Germany's most famous scrapper, I'll have a chance to. I'm working on that in form of my 2nd book. ;o)


Okay, I literally just squeed out loud for you about the section openers! How exciting is that?? Can't wait to see 'em!


Miss Niki

Gather photos, paper, idea books, tools and embellies for an all day crop tomorrow. That's it. nothing more for today's list. We are getting take out for dinner and dad can handle the laundry while I'm gone plus two soccer games and one sleep-over. Did I tell you he's my hero! Enjoy the weather! Miss Niki

Dedra Long

Oh yes, laundry is NEVER done....
Just reading your post made me tired...LOL!

Well, when you're here for CKC-Mesa you will love the weather....Much better than CKC-Phoenix in Sept....

Have fun on your cruise....


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