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April 17, 2008



Darn! I wish that I wasn't all packed up (my crafting stuff). I could do this one! :o)
Have a good day and a good trip to AZ.

sue Treiber

you are so punny it hurts.


Okay, I'm absolutely up for this one. I think I already have an idea!!

Have a great time out in the sun!!!

Laura T.

Love the challenge.

Have a wonderful time in Arizona!!!!

Tracy B (inAlberta)

-Extra credit for anyone whose photo includes a table (MESA -- get it???)

Don't get it??? What?


Great pages! Congrats to the winners. I couldn't seem to get my stuff together last week to do the challenge but I'm going to try this week. I may just have to do last weeks as a warm up. Way to make it tough Lain!

Karen Firstbrook

So sorry my link didn't work . . . here it is now:
OK, I'm off to think how I can manage this next 30-minute Thursday - quite the challenge! :)


I keep saying that I will do this challenge one of these days, but NOT this one. yuch! but serves you right, can't wait to see your page...have fun in AZ

Jessica C.

*rubbing hands together like a Disney villain* I LOVE the evil challenge! It made me think! (Plus, how many pictures of tables do I have laying around? It narrowed my options down, which was a GOOD thing!)

Here's this week's effort:

And thanks a MILLION for picking me for last week! I can't wait!


ewww....I am so in on a challenge...and I wish that I was with ya...we could practice "World Tour o8-09" just never & dad live in Chandler....hmmmm...
and I am still a little bouncy, but not to much anymore THANK gosh!
miss you....we need to get our maps out...make a sponsors....It seems so far we could be going anywhere from Poland to So. Africa and everywhere in between...and I read that "the most funny scrapbooker ever" is going to be a groupie....oh the fun...Homegrown ScrapHappy PJ Party Across the US...never say never....

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