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March 21, 2008



that's so cool! congrats to Nicole and what a great box of goodies Lain! =)


I miss Lainie mail!


dang! that's some serious lainmail!!!!

Nicole (canadacole)

It was just so fun! Thanks Lain for some super awesome mail. I did my first page using some of the stickers today and I'm going to try to do some more before I post.


ok,i am insanely jealous now...;0) How so very nice of you!! :):) :)


What a stash-how nice of you. Could you work something up with new British bachelor as a prize?

Cookie Sunshine

Oh, this is very impressive. I like what I see!

Wishing you a very good week.

katie scott

where is stacy going? whats she doing? i know YOU must know (angie's blog says she's going to step back from simple & is going to be doing something new)

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