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March 19, 2008


Debra Barker

wow! you are fast girl! love the pic, love the classes...gotta talk to Maggie about her date stamp!

Debra Barker

oh, not only was it not 2006, it was in Portland, not Seattle.


Hi there:
So when were you guys in Seattle in 2006 and why was I not included? :) Sorry about the date stamp BUT I had an amazing time in PORTLAND IN 2008! thank you very much! take care and keep in touch!


Darn - I was hoping it was Seattle, since that's where I live! Oh well, hopefully I can make it to CKC Seattle and play starstruck fan. :) Glad you had fun in our wonderful neighbor to the South, Portland.

Mary c

It is so good to hear from you. I have been in a scrap slump so I will be happy when you can give us some challenge or something to get me going.
BTW, you are all cute.

katie scott

love those jackets :)

sue Treiber

yes, please!

Kay Drenth

Hey I took that picture!! LOL It was so great to be able to TA for your class! It was great fun. So glad I bought the kits!

kara stephenson pic! i think that your scarfs are rad too!

Amy Castellano

I want one of those tshirts!

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