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March 04, 2008


Carla Prock

Lain, Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the CKC Portland class I took from you. My "Playful Pages" are the ones I like the best from all the classes I took. Hope to see you back next year, or maybe in Bellevue if I am lucky!!


What the heck is that about putting red peppers in diet food. seriously? I HATE them too! I pick them out. I don't get it. lol How was PDX? Hey, where in Ncali do you live? I'm over in McKinleyville/Eureka.

Nicole (canadacole)

I'm actually allergic to peppers. It makes it next to impossible to purchase packaged foods, or even to dine out. It's probably better for me healthwise though, right?

Also, I admire you for #1 (I'm a crossword chicken), join you for #s 5-7 and thank you sincerely for the HJ photo :)

Angie S

Wow, I am a "Paper" not plastic gal!! Cool!


If only I could perfect my mental telepathy skills... :)

You know, I stunk at tag in elementary school. I always got caught because I would have an asthma attack halfway through the chase...then I never could catch anyone because, ya know, I couldn't breathe. This kind of tag is much more my style. Hey, there's my first random thing!

sue Treiber

I love the boot shining fact. So random!


I feel the same way about green peppers, but I'm fine with red. I'll trade ya.



Lain, your blog is really fun to visit. BTW, I was tagged today by one of your taggees. LOL. I'm thinking very hard on seven people who will actually follow through after being tagged. That's the hard part.



ohhhhhh. hugh. jackman. how dare you post a picture of my next husband without asking first. ;-P


1. I attempt to do the New York Times crossword puzzle every Sunday. In pen.

My husband insists on doing that puzzle in pen. :)

I see some good Mexican food in our future!

We do indeed have awesome Mexican food out here in Mesa. If you like spicy, I highly recommend Los Dos Molinos. Or for milder stuff, there’s Mangos. Both are fairly close to where the convention will be.

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