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March 25, 2008



I'll gladly take one of those books off your hands if the winners don't claim them! :)

Katie Scott

1. yep me too - i won ;) (not really)!
2. i can't figure out tape runners either - i just use the photo splits & i tear the box apart & just use the roll of them by hand - i know this can't be the best way to do it. 3. pls put me in the drawing for ETHNIC SCRAPBOOKING! My family is from Scotland & we've got it researched back to like the year 1300 - seriously. and i've inherited all that stuff so i would love to figure out a great way to scrapbook it. I was born in Augusta Georgia, grew up in Massachusetts & Maine & have lived in St. Petersburg, FL for almost 20 years now.



Thank you so much for doing your podcasts. I have just started downloading them to my Ipod and listening to them while I walk- sure does make the time go faster! I also have to share with you that I was downloading your latest one and left to go on my walk and I came back and I heard talking. I live alone and knew I didn't leave the TV on. I thought what the heck is that... sounds like Lain. The podcast I had downloaded was playing on the computer! I am sure the cats enjoyed it!



Hi Lain, sent you an email !

katie scott

ok its me again / I tried to see who won the elizabeth dillow book & I couldn't figure out which podcast it was // if no one wins that - please can I win it? I think she's so cool.


Hey there :)

I feel your pain re: the sewing. All I want to make is some cute skirts for Taite, and maybe the occasional bag. My mom tried to teach me, but I'm afraid I might be hopeless. Oh well, more time for scrapbooking, right?



I am struggling downloading to itunes the podcast with Stacy Julian? Do you have any suggestions? I am rather computer challenged. I have managed to get the newer casts but I can't seem to get #38.

Love your stuff!

Heather C

Listened to the podcast last night when I scrapped -- really enjoyed it. Could you address in your Auntie Scrappy how to manage multiple books at the same time --- family album, school albums, albums for each kid, etc???


Dear Aunt Scrappy:

My friend Lain has unclaimed prizes from contests held in the past. I KNOW I didn't win any of them, but I can't help but be paranoid that I missed a subliminal announcement or something. I am now on my third listening of the same podcasts JUST IN CASE. What should I do?

Losing it in Canada.

P.S. At least I really like that Lain's voice. And my kids now recognize her.

Malin Tvedt

Hi Lain,

I found a link to your blog on Jen McGuire's website ( and then read that you had your podcast up on iTunes. I have searched for scrapbook podcasts in iTunes ever since ScrapCast (the first podcast I started to listen to) mysteriously disappeared, but I haven't found your podcast there. Strange... Maybe there is a way for you to get more 'visible' on iTunes...?

Anyway, I am REALLY happy that I found you (thanks, Jen!). Your podcast is great! I just finished listening to episode 42 and I will start listening from the beginning (ep.14 on iTunes), and go through them all. I am hooked already! :)

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful and charming it was to hear your little girl participating in the show! It left me with a huge smile on my face!

Have a wonderful day,
/Malin (yet another scrapbooking mom)

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