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March 28, 2008



I s'pose it would be cheating for me to enter the contest, since I was THERE! :-) That was a blast. Thanks for the memories! And will the talents never cease? Sheesh woman, you can do it all!

Laura T.

I'm getting a message that the video is no longer availalbe ....

Stephi D.

I'm getting the same message. Not available. I could give it a good guess though!

Rebecca B

Oh, what a great video, Lain! I spotted the following "stars": Angie Lucas, Jennafer Martin, Stacy Julian, Wendy Smedley, Rachel Gainer, Jenny Wilden, Tamara Morrison (FSOY), Tina Cockburn, Karen Glenn, Kim Morgan, Renee Pearson, and of course Lain and Kinsey Ehmann! That's only 14, but I done my best! ;)


I won't enter either...but I love that I'm "famous"! :) Thanks, Lain!

Rebecca B

Oh, I just figured out a couple more--Marin Barney, SS art director? walked by one time, I think, and then Lainey Molin who just commented--that helped out! :) And I think Megan ?? who posted on Simple's blog today was in the video, too. That might be 17...


OOOOO . . . I think RebeccaB's got it! WHOOHOO! You're good, girl!


Okay, I spent like 2 hours on this, but here's what I got:
Angie Lucas, Jennafer Martin, Stacy Julian, Wendy Smedley, Cathy Zielske, Ali Monson, Rachel Gainer, Tamara Morrison, LAIN EHMANN (you BETTER have included yourself), Margaret Scarbrough, Tina Cockburn, Megan (I don't know her last name either), Renee Pearson, Rebecca Cooper, Marnie Flores, Kim Morgan. A couple I'm not sure about but I couldn't figure out some of them because it was kind of blurry. And I'll guess Jenny Willden as the last one simply because she's Asst. Editor. Unless you were counting Kinsey, who is a star to be, I'm sure!!!


Well I am going to list most of the same, however, no one has mentioned the very famous Stephanie Ackerman, one of my favs....Lain Ehmann and and Kinsey, Tamara Morrison, Rachel Gainer, Ali Monson, Jen Martin, Rebecca Flores, Renee Pearson, Tina Cockburn, Margaret Scarbrough, Kim Morgain, Marnie Flores, Angie Lucas, Cathy Zielke, Wendy Smedly, Stacy Julian....wheeewwwww
I hope you not counting the spelling!


How fun is that video?? But more importantly, whose adorable green ankle boots are those and where can I get some?? :D


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