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March 27, 2008



How is it Thursday already?

Great page Kendra! That is the cutest little bird. Congrats on the win and welcome to the club!

Lain could we switch the order? Be the HappyScraps or something? Maybe just "Happies", like hippies but instead of making our peace signs with our fingers we raise our decorative scissors.


Great layout Kendra! I did not know we could do digi-I'm in for this week now.

Jessica C.

Decorative scissors... hee... that's pretty funny.

Happier scrappers... no...let's face it, I work with photos for a reason. Not so good with the clever names. Hope someone else can come up with a good one.

In the meantime, here's my LO for this week:

Katie Scott

hey canada cole :) (we need to actually meet someday ya-know // i'll be in bangor maine in july - where are you in canada?) - anyway, i had the same thought but mine was "scraphappies" and i didn't come up w/ any symbols or anything - very cool.

Kendra Fahselt

Thanks, everybody for the nice comments. I was so excited to win! Lots of people commented on the little bird on my page. It is a digital felt bird by Pattie Knox at Designer Digitals. She has a bunch of other cute little animals, too. I thought maybe the good scraparitans might work?

Mary c

Okay, I KNOW I asked for some challenges and then I didn't do it...yet. My dh is home and we have been really busy. He has to go back to work on Tues and then I PROMISE to do BOTH challenges.........and catch up on my Library of Memories class.
Oh, AND listen to the podcast (which can be accomplished while I scrap.
I have missed you my friend.

Jen McGuire

I'll tell you that a photo of myself was hard to find, so I had a little fun with a retro picture of myself from over 22 years ago. It's my sophomore year high school picture from fall of 1985. I'm 15 maybe just turned 16. Fun challenge, so thanks! My mojo for scrapbooking isn't really back yet, but these challenges are helping!

And since Aunt Scrappy talked about hidden journaling on the podcast, that's what I did here.


Great great great podcast! I have figured out I buy and organize because I'm afraid that what I scrap won't be good enough. I know-bad bad. I also know the longer you put it off-the more afraid you get.
Cathy Z. is my hero-but she takes such fantastic pictures-even the pictures she says aren't good-are a hundred times better than anything I have. I think a lot of us add embellishments because we think they make up for poor photos. We're wrong.
I found a fantastic line called Eco-Africa-but have yet to purchase because I can't confirm it is handmade and if it is, that the people who make it actually get some of the money. Any chance you could sleuth out the answer?

katie scott

hey :) so i started doing this but it turned into something totally different / its on my blog and i love it - its a layout about a family that is very close to us and i can't believe i've never done one like this before. so don't put me in the contest yet, i'll do the contest page later but thanks for the start on a page that my family & theirs will really love. :) K


Man I have been gone for a long time! I can't wait to get back into Thurs. scraps:)

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