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February 13, 2008



so sorry to hear that this was the way CHA ended for you! sometimes things just don't make any sense! have a safe trip back home!


WOW! i'd be soooo ticked if that was me! thanks for all the yummy photos from CHA!


I would have been so ticked about that whole situation! I'm glad you still had a good time.


That's craziness. Glad you had a good time, though!


Ah, I've had those days. How irritating.

Thanks so much for the inside scoop! It's been very cool seeing all the new stuff:).


I would have been upset, too! That is crazy. It's not like it was a vodka convention!


Ugh. I know plenty of 14 year olds who probably aren't as well-behaved as your 7 year old. What a great way to sour an otherwise lovely trip! But it sounds like you had some good quality time together anyway! Hope your trip home was easy! Thanks for sharing all the photos!

Amy Castellano

That is such a bummer that the kid police had to rain on your good time..but you showed them!! Looks like you still had a blast!


OOOO . . . that would definately make me slightly on the other side of "ticked off". But it sounds like everything else was way FAB! Thanks so much for sharing all the great photos and keeping us updated! YOU TRULY ROCK!


I would be so frustrated! So sorry! Atleast Enchanted is a cute movie!

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