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February 08, 2008


katie scott

Hey Lain :) I scraplifted your "I Was Here" layout - what a cool idea - thanks! :) Katie


That is AWESOME. I've been going through my stash I know what to do with them!! Thanks for the tip!

(Still haven't heard anything, but I emailed Michael and told him he needs to call them if he hasn't heard anything by around 2 or so.)


I saw that on Lisa's blog last night. I have a collection of stickers in an envelope that I am sending Brian's way tomorrow. I think that is so great that she did that! :-)

jeanette brooks

Me too!! I read that story on her blog this morning. Even sent it out to a ton of my scrapin' gal pals who, like me, have been doing this long enough that we've got lots of stickers doing nothing but hanging out in a big ol' PSB. I love this idea!!!

Amy Castellano

Thanks for this info!! I will go through my stash today! and I've already seen it on several other blogs as well so that is awesome..Hope you're having fun at CHA!!


Lisa's idea is lovely but give yourself a pat on the back too.....I'd never heard of books for kids until LOAD. You've inspired me!


I sent my package of stickers out today. He is going to be knee deep in stickers!

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