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February 28, 2008


sue Treiber

have a great trip! Soak up some scrappy goodness to pass along :)


Very cool! I have downloaded her podcasts but haven't listened to any of them yet. I've been listening to Crafty Chica, who also highly recommends Craftypod.

Have a good trip!


AWW man! i'm a original OR girl- i miss it!We are actually moving to PDX or Seattle soon- can't wait! I am so jealous that you are going CKC in PDX! lol I had planned on going to the one in Tulsa in Aug. but with all my moving drama (see my blog), and since registration is in may i dont think i'll be able to go now. :( I am soooo bummed! I guess I will have to wait until Nov and try to go in Seattle. Have a FABULOUS time!!


I know you're going to have a fabulous time. If the sun is shining, it's one of the most fabulous cities to run around in. In fact, I think the entire downtown area has WiFi.

Be safe, have fun, and keep dry. ;-)

Lynn Voedisch

Hi, Lain:

Just saying hi. I dropped by and I hae to say you have some really cool stuff up here. I don't scrapbook, but I do knit and sew and there are some things I'd love to do if I had the space in my house.

Have fun in Portland (where it probably will rain) and visit my blog, too.



Welcome! It is gorgeous here right this minute, but I won't vouch for tomorrow or any day next week. We've had more than a week of sun and that means we're gonna pay for it later. . . *grin*
Enjoy your weekend.


have a safe trip Lain! can't wait to hear all about it when you get back =)

Nicole (canadacole)

Hope you're having an awesome trip Lain! I hadn't heard of CraftyPod but will go check it out immediately. If you love it, it must be good :)

I hope you found the time to breathe.

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