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February 13, 2008



I love that book... I think I may need to start making some minibook just so I can buy a blank book. Yum. And the overlays... and... I need to go back to work to get more of a scrapbooking budget!

Sabrina Boley

I love, love, love Fancy Pants! Thank you so much for all the pictures and inspiration. I can't wait to get some (or all) of these products! Enjoy the rest of the week!


Hey, my bracelet made the blog! :D



4sons-2 grandsons; God bless Fancy Pants


Ooh, love the felt monkey!


I am loving all the layout ideas!!!! Thanks a million for sharing!


so glad that you got home safely! hope you aren't too wiped out from that! thanks so much for all the photos. I've gotta see your inspiration file next time!

Nicole (canadacole)

i must have the monkey! for my daughter, of course, and her current monkey craze.

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