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February 24, 2008



Happy Birthday! :)


Great podcast! I, too, have lost my scrapping mojo. LOAD wore me out and I did a total of ONE layout in February.

I'm going to guess that your family got you your own personal library. Or a scrapbook store where you wouldn't ever have to sell or pay for anything - no wait, that one's my dream gift;).


Enjoyed the podcast v. much. Know what it is like to have a DH away for extended periods. Hope the brain composting proves fertile.


Hi Lain!!

Actually I loved this episode for being so "random" :) Always nice to hear your voice! *g* I'd really like the Simple Scrapbooks issue, but I'm also guessing for your present...let me see..Could be a some really "big things" like a trip to Texas for NSD, a book deal or a new computer or a craft-related thing like the robo, the shillouette or the bind-it-all....too many options *lol*
Have a great day!


I can't wait to listen!! (unfortunately it will have to wait until tonight...hubby is on vacation this week and the kids are off track, so lots to do!)


I can't wait to listen to it! :)


Hi Lain,
It was great to hear you again. I know what you mean about losing the scrapping mojo. I have been focusing my energy on the organizing aspect and according to Stacy J., that is okay. So I don't feel as bad. I am also gearing up to take her Library of Memories class. (btw: I haven't seen your 30 minute class on BPS. But will sign up for that when it is posted.)
As for you B-day gift, my first thought was the next season of CSI on DVD. Do you have them all yet? And on your birthday, don't let it get you down. I have been there and I know that none of the cliches will help but try to remember 39 is just a number. :-) And to quote Stacy (who is quoting someone else) "Literally hundreds of millions of people would gladly trade places with you right now--and be ecstatic." Okay enough of my Dr Phil impression!

Have a great week!

JoEllyn Steele

I would love your simple mag!!

It was great to hear you again!! Loved the random-ness of it also!!!

I'm guessing your going to get a silhouette (that's DEFINITELY what I want for ANY gift!!)


I'm going to guess you are getting a DSLR, only because we talked about them when you were here? Though I don't think you've ever mentioned it on the blog. I'll have to keep thinking. Gotta go finish the podcast...

Ami D.

Love your podcasts...seriously! I totally cannot figure out what you got for your b-day! But I do hope that you had a great day! My 38th was recently...and I was a bit sad that my family didn't go out just a bit more...
I don't need balloons and a pony ride...but a little fanfare would have been nice!
Poor, pitiful me, huh?
Keep up the podcasts!!!!

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