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January 14, 2008


Korie B.

Are you kidding me? 3336? Holy moly! Congrats on a job well done!!
Of course, I'm typing this at 12:20 a.m. my time as I try to scan in tomorrow's layout while I curse you under my breath for your crazy ideas....

linda woods

The good news is that now that one g'awful mission report is done, when it is time for Kinsey and Callie to do it, all you'll have to do is cross off Ben's name and add theirs!


Hi Lain!

Here on Day 15, I just wanted to thank you so much for putting this challenge together. I'm do so much more than I did before and trying to figure a way to work a little scrapping into every day after January. I don't LOVE most of the pages that I've done, but it's pushed me creatively and I'm loving the process.

YOU rock!

Amy Castellano

Thanks again Lain for letting me host! I can't believe the numbers are so high that kicks bootie! Look at what you've accomplished bringing all of us scrappy people together. Thanks so much!

Laura T.

Love your LOAD layotus! Wow over 3000 people are taking on this challenge --- see what an inspiration you are!


3336! Wow! So cool! See? You are AWESOME! I love your's darling and it shows the moment so well! And that's what pictures are for anyway! :D


I had child #2 home sick yesterday,too. But, she insisted on getting a LO done for LOAD. Guess I really can't have any excuses if she's going to scrap whether she has a fever or not.
Blessings, Rebecca

Stephanie T.

We LOVED the mission project...My husband loved it when he got the bill for all the 'makin's'...I loved the creative mess (who knew moss and wood chips were such a pain to clean up?!)...and kidling #2 loved the grade she got as a result

Now...I dare you...ask me about 'Gold Rush Days' and how we panned for gold in freezing, muddy, water!

Yesterday, daughter #3, dinosaurs! Rock 'n roll!!


2. Child #2 was home sick today. There goes the to-do list.

I feel your pain. My oldest was home yesterday, my youngest was home Thursday, and we've had people coming in to replace showers and tile last week and this week, so I'm having a hard time being productive. But I'm still getting my LOAD pages done, so yay!

Wishing us both productive days soon ...

Michelle F

Absolutely love the socks, are you doing both on two circs? Are you on Ravelry, if so, I'm michelleaz.

Wow you have a lot of people doing the challenge. That is awesome. I wish I could, this month is just a bit too nuts for me.

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