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January 16, 2008



This was a very interesting interview, I liked a lot! Thank you :)


Fun interview. I've never really thought about art journaling, so the interview was very interesting. Loved the accent at the end.

April P

I loved listening to you and Linda today! I'm seriously thinking of getting her book for the BPS book club! Loved her comment about the LV box for her journal pages and that definitely makes so much sense! LOL


I liked listening to Linda talk about the meaning of art. I remember having teachers to tell me "color inside the lines" and I never understood why (but now, as I study to be a preschool teacher, I understand that it's a developmental milestone...I just think there's a better way to ask kids than the standard). I need to be more creative, as I find that I am kind of stuck and feel like I can't be creative on my own.

It was a good interview, technological difficulties and all!


Lain, another great interview. I am so impressed with the ideas about just letting go and creating art.

Sara C.

Thanks for the great interview! I'm enjoying the podcast and LOAD challenge. :)


Thanks for another great podcast! I loved hearing about the art journals.

Kathryn Johnson

Great pod cast! I love Linda Woods and read her blog. I love her take on art journaling-and I love that she uses her ironing board for her desk! Now I know where to work if I'm staying at a hotel (or with DH's family!)


I loved the interview with Linda!! She's so right about "coloring outside the lines"... As an artist myself, I struggle with expressing myself because it needs to be "neat and perfect". My niece and nephew love to color... and I encourage them to cover the paper. :) I don't want to be the one that holds them back. LOL. :)


awesome podcast! ive been journaling off and on since 2003 and i love hearing other peoples' perspectives on it.

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