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January 11, 2008



Lain, I couln't get the link to work for the list of requested items. Thanks for posting these great ways to help out!

suzi finer

...a wonderful organization! you are a wonderful girl


I love your new etsy and your LOAD pages! :)

Mary c

Hey Lain! Thanks for the heads up on the Make a Wish thing. I was just telling my dh that I had some things to purge. I have more great stuff than I can ever use, so I am excited to send it to someone who will.


Hi Lain! First I want to thank you sooo much for hosting L.O.A.D. it was the kick start I needed to get my 2007 book started and rolling. I was a little behind *LOL* Your podcasts are fabulous!! Thanks for everything! Have a great weekend!


Hope you're having a great weekend..the stuff up at ETSY is so cute! I know you're busy but if you want to play I left you a couple little things at my blog...thanks for all you do and for being you!


Your Day 13 LOAD page is gorgeous! What paper did you use? I have two boys, and don't ususally use flowery papers, but I love them! : 0 )


Adding the badge to my blog right now! :D

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