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December 19, 2007


Laura T.

I hear you --- still trying to find that time to wrap all the presents. I think I have more than a dozen to wrap though.

Still have to bake those cookies too.

By the way, I listened to one of your webcasts today and loved it. I'll definitely be checking them out again.


I JUST ordered my NON-HANDMADE Christmas photo cards from the one-hour processor, and guess what? They won't be ready until Thursday at 4 pm, which means they won't be mailed until Friday, which means those out of town probably won't get them before Christmas.

I have surrendered. I'm just not trying to do everything this year. And it actually feels pretty good. This year Christmas is just going to be all about Jesus.

Oh, and Mickey Mouse. And packing to go see Mickey Mouse. And finishing the pre-made albums and autograph books for my niece and son for our trip to see Mickey Mouse.

What was it I just said about not doing all?

BTW, I still don't think all my emails are getting through. But I think it might be on my end, because some other people are having problems receiving from me, too.


Ignorance is bliss, baby!! That's all I have to say! :)


Ignorance is bliss, baby! That's all I have to say! :)


As a person who thinks of this as the "STRESSFUL" season, I'm glad that I'm not alone (I've been up 3 nights in a row past 1:00 trying to
get things done along with gallons of coffee).



I went to bed a little after 2:00 this morning. I was up wrapping gifts for extended family getting them ready to go to the post office today. I got my side done. Now for the inlaws tonight, I guess. Thank goodness for Priority Mail. I'm really stressing over getting the kids to the photographer for a Christmas portrait. I'm having trouble having everyone well and happy on the same day. We're getting hair cuts this afternoon, so maybe we'll get the pictures tomorrow.

Mary c

Well, it cost me $80 to ship a teeny package to my brother in Ohio because I was late getting his presents done. I am currently pre-making scones and freezing the dough so I only have to bake 5 dozen of them on Christmas eve (for my neighbors). I have a pile of stuff sitting in the floor for wrapping (I have no idea how many packages that is because they are all in shopping bags still) and I have three birthday books to finish by Friday morning. My house is a wreck and my back hurts. I am not in la-la land, I am in the Twilight Zone. Bwaaahaaaa!


Why do we do this to ourselves?!?! I just read all these comments and everyone has the same story and the same stress. It's so funny. Not that I don't have it, too, but you know what I'm saying. (Etta - you've got it right: Give up and go to Disney World!)
Monday I finished my 75 cards (Lain - 200?!?!?) and yesteday I baked 10 dozen cookies. Today I'm starting on Christmas projects that I meant to start in October.
Sometime I will wrap presents. Right?...


I am not even pretending that I have it all under control...LOL I am nowhere near done. I have NOTHING wrapped. Tonight is the night! I am glad that I am not the only one who has tons left to do. Good luck with all of your projects. I am so glad that our neighborhood decided to donate to the local food bank in lieu of the neighbor gifts. I bought some toothbrushes, toothpaste and baby food (items the food shelter indicated they were in need of) and dropped them at one of our neighbors homes that was co-ordinating the creativity required! YEAH!


I wish I could be in la la land!!! I've had the hardest time 'getting into' Christmas this year. It REALLY set me off when there was Christmas stuff up in September......blah. I've scaled back so much this year that I HOPE no one will be disappointed.
It seems I've had my share of disappointments....I can't find the gold coin candy I have ALWAYS put in the children's stocking since they were young! and I went to purchase my dh's mouse ornament I get him every year.....sold out! I am kicking myself!
I could go on with the woe is me but just this little bit has made me feel better ;o)

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