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December 20, 2007


Laura T.

I LOVE challenges. I will definitely take part in this. When do you need our submissions by?


Fun challenge. Thanks for the chipboard letters from the challenge a week ago. So cute!

Mary S.

How do we post our challenge pages?? Thanks!!!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that page. And the photos are AWESOME! I might have to steal that idea. Don't know that I will get to this challenge, much as I would LOVE to do it.

I have sent you SEVERAL emails, but I still don't think they are getting through. Have you received any of them from me in the past few days?? My husband received one from me at 8:59 this morning that I sent yesterday at noon. I loathe my email service. Sorry for the long comment but apparently this is the only way I can communicate with you.


Finally got around to doing this and not just one, but THREE 20 minute LOs! Woo Hoo for me! ONly one has an arrow, but I still made 3 LOs! It has been so long since I made something for me that I took the time that Ellie was asleep and ran with it. You can view them here:


I'm going to do this one, I swear. Right after I finish making 3 - I mean 6 of your countdown projects and write out all my Christmas cards. Then I'll do alayout with arrows. Then I'll do the 2 gift albums I have to finish. Hmmm, maybe I'll stick some arrows into those....


OK - I'm gonna love this weekly challenge - I can tell that right now. setting a time limit is always a good thing. Thanks Lain for the prompt to do at least a little. love your Christmas pic by the way. may just need to lift that for next year.

here's mine

Merry Christmas


Mine's up. Thanks for the challenge!


I missed the last couple of weeks and I really want to play!

Maybe if I don't wrap any gifts? Less mess that way?

Just kidding. I'm going to make some time, really!


Hi, Lain!

Here's mine:

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