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December 06, 2007



I painted J-O-Y last year for our cards. Alex was only 9 months old so it didn't work. I planned to try it again year, but apparently 21 months isn't any better for this little scenario. LOL I'm giving it one more attempt this weekend and then back in the box till next year. Can't wait to see your photo. :)


What a great idea! Never thought to have something like that included in a photo, I must try it!

linda woods

Those letters are TFCFW.
The wrinkle in the paper is the best part. Joy FLOWS. The wrinkle represents flow.


omigosh you have no idea what I went through today to complete this project...but here it is...LMAO
I think the post will take you until about Saturday to read, so if you want to avoid that scroll down...


oh lord I am so rude...Lain I love the JOY idea, I'm looking forward to see how the pictures turn out....:-)


I just LOVE it...I'm heading over to the store after work so I could get the letters for this project! :)


Your letters are beautiful and such a cool idea.

Here's my entry. This one was rushed, I thought I could make them in 30 minutes between church and ice skating, but it went really fast!


OK, I'm sure I am doing this all wrong so if I am and someone nice could clue me in, I'd be forever grateful! Here's mine-I actually had it done a few days ago.


I did a quick project and just need to post it. I'll post it by tomorrow or tomorrow morning!


Okay, this is fairly lame, but it did take me less than 30 minutes. I wanted to add a little bit to the mat for the picture of my son and husband's soccer team and give it to my husband for Christmas. My husband was the coach.

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