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December 16, 2007



So stinkin' cute!!

I spent today making teacher gifts (more of those clothespins & notepads that I made last June), and hair goodies for my nieces.


Mary c

I have been in my studio for the last three days trying to get my 'Year of Cards' and several other projects done so I can ship them. As soon as I am done with that, I'll be in the kitchen for several days baking presents for my neighbors.
Man! I love the holidays. Did I mention I am pooped?


I'm jealous! I've spent the last week packing up 10 years worth of stuff for a move that can happen at any time.

Painters came yesterday and started to prime, then we had a nasty storm and they couldn't make it today, so now my whole family is confined to my bedroom (the only room not disrupted by the paint...yet).

Sometimes I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day!


Seriously adorable. Can't wait to see what the finished card looks like!

It's crunch time, isn't it? I'm trying to figure out what I have left to do and plan accordingly, but the nasty weather here in Indiana isn't helping any. Snow and ice kept us in today.

Made my chocolate covered nutter butters today and trying to finish wrapping!


Awesome! I gave up on it again this year. We'll try again next year. LOL Picked up my cards yesterday so I just need a quick (hopefully) trip to the PO for stamps and off they go.


Oh my gosh , reading this post just reminded me of just how much I need to do in the next couple of days!! Where has all the time gone!?!? I don't even feel like it's Christmas yet:(


What creative photos! They are adorable. I wasn't scrapbooking, but I was making fudge for gifts to neighbors today.


Cute pictures! You'll laugh when you see my holiday cards...and the strip of pictures on the front! Haha. So what did I do this weekend?
Lost to hubby at Gin
Beat hubby's butt at Gin
Filled out (some) holiday cards
Bought, wrapped and delivered some gifts
went to Costco
went to Walmart
planned meals for the week
planned the 10 dozen cookies I have to make in the next 2 days
finished a perpetual card calendar album
finished some cards
forgot about gifts for babysitters and teachers
checked my email, seeing that there are no emails, realized that you have to send an email in order to receive an email
realized I haven't posted to my blog in a week
watched Survivor finale while sipping happy egg nog


Spent Friday getting my daughter and her families packages out in the mail plus one set of my parents. Then about 3hrs at our churchs Drive through Live Nativity.
Saturday down with a migraine and nap. Stayed home from Nativity. Baked a Red Velvet cake for a present.
Today Sunday, slept in until 7:30am. Nap at 9am til about 10:30am then watched the rest of the movie The Nativity with my family. Kids went to a friends house for a couple of hours. Hubby and I watched The Notebook together, we hardly ever get to watch a movie alone. To the church we went at 5pm for the last night of Live Nativity, total people through this year.....5,000!!!


We spent the weekend cleaning and packing. I need to finish cards for my middle son's teachers, but I have back up gifts just in case. My printer is out of ink and I just don't have the initiative to brave the crowds and go out to get some.

Went to a friend's house for dinner on Saturday night then church and more cleaning and packing. Hubby and I are both taking classes and mine ends this week, so I'm finishing up the last project for my class (and reading hubby's book in the free time, since the subject interests me).

Just busy busy! Love your pictures for your cards...I never got mine out so I guess they're not going out this year.

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