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December 29, 2007



I'm signed up and getting ready to go! My brother surprised me with a Epson wide format printer for Christmas and it came with Photoshop elements!!


Wheee! I'm signed up and ready to go! :D


signed up for this and I can't wait.


Yeah! I've been so excited to get started on this since you mentioned it on the podcast weeks ago. I'm so glad it's finally here! And can you believe we're getting started NEXT WEEK?!?!?!


woo hoo -- i am already there! and really needing motivation to get some other scrapping done besides the 700+ Disney pictures I have accumulated thus far (and we are not even done yet!!!)


Oh my goodness - I just enrolled! I am terrified and excited! I'm going to spend this weekend getting my stuff and pictures organized.


Hurray! I am all signed up and ready to go. I've started cleaning off the scrap table, I am TOTALLY motivated, and I have heaps of projects to work on!


I'm in! Totally scared to death (can I REALLY do this?!), and WAY, WAY excited! Here's to putting in 110% and using up some of my multitude of scrapping products! WHEEEEE!


I'm a little freaked out about whether I can actually keep up (have you met my life??) but I'm IN! I am just going to avert my eyes from my already full January calendar and go for it.



I Signed up...I sure hope I can accompish this. It would definitley be a first for me!

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